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Investment Analysis

For an eye-opening report on the very latest price comparisons of beachfront properties along the Gold Coast corridor of the Pacific Coast, west of Panama City, click here or on the link in the right column.

The Shore Club was designed as a post-crisis project, fitting within parameters set by economic conditions and market demand. This allows us to field a beachfront property brimming with world-class amenities at a price well below those of competitive projects.

Read the report! Right off the bat, you're buying at a discount of 26% below the market average for beachfront property. This is the creme-de-la-creme of properties, recession-proof, actually on-the-sand beachfront, not nearby nor some remote beach view.

Your immediate equity increase is the difference of your purchase price and fair market values in the area. The 26% discount translates into a $73,115 immediate gain in equity. Should you at anytime need or want to sell your property you have the added assurance that you bought well below market prices. Margin equals peace of mind.

Add to this, the annual 10% increase in value, which continues unabated with beachfront properties according to "Martes Financiero", and you have an increasing value proposition that puts your property value at $351,039 at the time you take receipt of your apartment. Leverging a deposit of $65,100 for a property valued at $351,039 is especially attractive in the context of today's diminshed expectations. A reasonable increase of $134,039 between your price and the fair market value when your keys are handed to you can provide a considerable amount of peace of mind from an investment standpoint and serves as a great foundation for a very comfortable future. In the meantime, you have a corner of paradise that awaits your arrival. Read the Report!

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Investment Report
Investment Analysis
This analysis shows you exactly why your investment in Shore Club is the best value on the market today in Panama. Read it, print it, compare it for yourself. You'll agree.
PDF Investment Analysis - click here to view or print