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Why Panama?

Panama is unique – it is stable and strong economically, politically and socially. Every day it grows in importance to all countries of the Americas and is frequently compared to Switzerland or Singapore for its strategic relationship to the financial and business life of our hemisphere. It is the second largest banking center in the world after Switzerland and the second largest free trade zone after Hong Kong. Numerous major international companies, over 180 international banks, retirees from all over the world and those looking for second homes and investment opportunities, are all discovering the many advantages of Panama.  

In July of 2008, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) published an article about Panama, “The strength and stability of Panama over the last several years is without question, despite the adversities and deterioration of the global economy. Panama is one of the few economies showing sustained, strong growth with an annual growth rate of 11.2% in 2007, and 8.9% in 2008. Taking into account all the unfavorable projections for the global economy for 2009, the Panamanian economy presents a growth rate of 6.7%, which reaffirms a strong regional economy. Leading this growth are the large scale investments in projects such as the expansion of the Panama Canal, expansion of deep sea ports on both the Atlantic and Pacific coasts, as well as investments in petrochemical refineries.”

The Panama Canal expansion project alone is a $6 Billion dollar investment and once completed is expected to bring in an additional $10 Billion in annual revenue to the nation’s economy.

Panama has magnificent rainforests, fascinating indigenous cultures, and some of the finest beaches in the world.  From its gleaming skyscrapers to its sun-drenched shores, from its verdant forests to its island resorts, Panama, in the words of Harpers Bazaar, is “the most beautiful retreat in the world.

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Shore Club Panama

Shore Club Panama

Shore Club Panama